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Tips on How to Revive Your Canopy Tent | E-Z UP®

Tips on How to Revive Your Canopy Tent | E-Z UP®

A canopy tent is something you wouldn't leave behind when going on a camping trip. A canopy tent protects you from the elements, lets you appreciate nature, and allows you to enjoy quality time with your family. After being in storage for months, you want to ascertain that your canopy tent is in good working condition for a camping adventure as spring approaches. Here are some pointers for reviving your canopy tent and getting it ready for camping.

  1. Check the Tent's Waterproofing

Your canopy tent's waterproof layers and coatings can wear off over time and should be reapplied. First, ensure your tent is dry and put it in a location that won't collect dirt. Check the seams. You'll need to purchase a tube of seam sealer that you can apply to this susceptible portion of the tent to waterproof it. The solution can also repair tiny holes in the tent's fabric. Examine the other parts of the tent keenly. If the waterproof lining is peeling, wash the tent to remove the previous coating, then reapply polyurethane.

  1. Remove the Mold and Mildew

Your canopy tent may accumulate moisture during storage, leading to mold growth. Set the tent on a dry garage floor or outside to remove the molds. Let it dry before the operation; sunlight can also aid in mold death. Boil some water, and add vinegar and dish soap. Apply this mixture to all areas of the tent. If there is a stubborn stain, scrape it away using a soft bristles brush. You can then hang it outside in the sun to dry.

  1. Clean the Canopy Canvas

Give it a quick wash. Remember not to put your canopy tent in a washing machine as it can overheat, stretch, and get destroyed. It would be best if you washed the tent with your hands. Fill up a bucket with warm water and non-detergent soap. Avoid soaps with perfumes since they can attract insects, and ensure the one you use will not erode the waterproof covering. Scrub your tent carefully using a non-abrasive cloth. As you work on the filthy spots, be careful not to damage the impervious areas.

  1. Inspect the Frames

Examine the frames for any loose bolts, fasteners, screws, etc. After inspecting them, secure them using bungee cords. You could as well clean them up to remove any dirt. In cleaning, you first assemble your canopy frame, ensuring that all sections are fully extended. Using water, a soft bristle brush, and soap, clean it up the same way you cleaned the canopy top. You may also smooth off any rough patches of the frames using sandpaper to make them more pleasant for use. When done, assemble everything back and get ready for camping.

  1. Fold the Fabric

To help preserve your canopy tent for camping:

  1. Fold it along existing folds and creases.
  2. Never force the canopy top into the storage bag or clump it up.
  3. Remember, transporting your canopy significantly influences its usefulness at the camp.

You can find hard-shelled or soft-shelled polyester bags that will fit your model. Fortunately, the instant top is simple to assemble and disassemble, and you can set it up in no minute.

One of the incredible ways to enjoy a vacation is carrying your canopy tent. However, your tent may have collected some dirt, grown debris, or worn after months of storage. These tips will help you revive your canopy tent to enjoy your camping fully.  Replacing tent parts, especially tent tops - The efficiency of your tent depends mainly on the quality of the tent top. Given that canopy tops are exposed to harsh weather, the tops tend to wear out. So it's logical to replace them often to get full service from the tent. E-Z UP offers replacement tent tops and frames for people looking to update their tents.

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