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Camping Accessories

Camping is an amazing outdoor activity that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. Whether you're hiking, birdwatching, fishing, or just relaxing by the campfire, you're sure to create some cherished memories.

However, to get the most out of your camping experience, you need the right gear and accessories. Being ill-prepared can quickly turn a fun trip into a nightmare, especially if the weather turns against you. Therefore, it's best to plan ahead and get your gear in order before venturing out into the wilderness.

Here are a few key pieces of camping gear that you should never leave home without.

Canopy & Camping Cube™ Tent Bundles

E-Z UP® canopies combine with Camping Cube tents to offer more space and security than a typical camping tent. It's designed to be user-friendly for everyone, from novice campers to experienced ones, while offering better protection from the elements and wildlife critters.

With a 10' x 10'ft. space and tons of headroom, the Camping Cube can accommodate up to 6 campers in comfort.

You can further enhance your camping experience and save money with an E-Z UP® Canopy & Camping Cube tent bundle. These bundles include an E-Z UP® Camping Cube tent, a portable canopy, and carrying bags for easy transport, providing enhanced protection against sunlight, wind, rain, and snow.

Portable LED Lights

Public camping areas often have unreliable lighting, and if you're camping in a remote location, you may not find any. The SKYFUZE LED Balloon Lights by E-Z UP® provide a convenient solution. The 60W SKYFUZE LED Balloon Light creates 360-degree brightness in a space of up to 5,000 square feet or more.

It's water-resistant, glare-free, lightweight, and comes with a carrying bag, making it easy to transport in any size car or camper. The SKYFUZE LED Balloon Light is perfect for lighting up campsites and keeping you safe on your trip.

GearRunner Wagons

The E-Z UP® GearRunner wagon is perfect for carrying supplies from one spot to another on your campsite. The wide-wheeled wagon can carry camping gear, tent accessories, firewood, and campsite supplies with ease. It's built to withstand all types of terrain and can carry up to 300 pounds thanks to its sturdy steel frame and commercial-grade interior fabric.

And More!

Looking for even more camping supplies to optimize your next trip to the outdoors? At E-Z UP®, we offer a wide range of camping accessories, including folding chairs, gear shelves, stake kits, and much more. With E-Z UP® camping gear and accessories, you can optimize your camping trip and make every outdoor experience a great one.

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  1. SKYFUZE™ 60W LED Balloon Light Kit
  2. SKYFUZE™ 150W LED Balloon Light Kit
  3. Water Weight Bags - 10 l/kg. 4 Pack
  4. Camping Cube™ Sport
    Camping Cube™ Sport
    Starting at Total price: €119.00
  5. Camping Cube™ 6.4
    Camping Cube™ 6.4
    Starting at Total price: €298.00
  6. Directors Chair
    Directors Chair
    Starting at Total price: €123.00
  7. Accessory Gear Bags
    Accessory Gear Bags
    Starting at Total price: €49.00
  8. Heavy-Duty Stake Kit EU
    Heavy-Duty Stake Kit EU
    Starting at Total price: €55.00
  9. Deluxe Weight Bags - 20.5kg. 4 Pack
    Deluxe Weight Bags - 20.5kg. 4 Pack
    Starting at Total price: €114.00
  10. E-Z Footprint
    E-Z Footprint
    Total price: €46.00
  11. E-Z Clips - 5 Pack
    Out of Stock
    E-Z Clips - 5 Pack
    Total price: €18.00
  12. Screen Cube™ 10' Angled Leg
    Screen Cube™ 10' Angled Leg
    Total price: €164.00
  13. Gear Shelf™
    Gear Shelf™
    Total price: €39.00
  14. Screen Cube™ 10' Straight Leg
  15. Gear Loft™ Combo Kit
    Gear Loft™ Combo Kit
    Total price: €57.00
  16. Weight Bags - 11kg. 4 Pack
    Weight Bags - 11kg. 4 Pack
    Total price: €67.00
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16 Items

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