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10 Benefits of Canopy Tents for Schools

10 Benefits of Canopy Tents for Schools
10 Benefits of Canopy Tents for Schools

Schools are always looking for ways to improve parent, teacher, and student satisfaction and performance. But this lofty goal can sometimes lead administrators to overlook simple solutions, such as custom school canopy tents.

  1. Canopy Tents Provide Shade and Protection

No matter how your school plans to use canopy tents, they provide people with a shady place to cool off and protection against UV rays. This setup allows you to stay outside longer without getting excessively hot or sunburnt. 

Additionally, canopy tents provide the perfect gathering space to stay dry if it starts drizzling during recess or an outdoor gathering. 

  1. Canopy Tents Help You Boost Your Emergency Preparedness 

When it comes to emergencies, you can never be too prepared. Custom tents with large, clear lettering to distinguish grade levels or classes can make it easier for students to identify where they need to go and ensure everyone is in the right place.  

  1. E-Z UP Canopy Tents Can Be Customized 

Custom tents for schools can be personalized with your school's name, mascot, logo, slogan, and school colors. Using our online customization platform, you have complete control over every little detail to help bring your vision to life. 

At E-Z UP, our industry-leading standards and technology have earned us the SGIA Golden Image Award for seven consecutive years. So you can rest easy knowing your design will come out just as crisp, polished, and professional as you expect. 

  1. School Canopy Tents Offer Supreme Versatility  

E-Z UP's canopy tents are extremely versatile and can be used for dozens of purposes.

  1. Alternative Classroom Space

Canopy tents are more than just an outdoor shelter for schools. They can also be an alternative classroom space. 

Taking a class outside, on occasion, provides students with a fun change of scenery and can help prevent feelings of burnout. Getting fresh air can also help the creative juices flow, making this setup perfect for creative writing or art classes. 

  1. Outdoor Fundraisers

Outdoor fundraisers such as fun runs, bake sales, car washes, and flea markets are a great way to raise money for your school, but you can't have everybody standing around in the sun all day. Canopy tents provide the perfect setting for organizers or vendors to set up shop and can also be used to create a shaded outdoor dining area. 

  1. Outdoor Water Station

Whether students are only outside for a short period during recess or outside all day for a field day, setting up an outdoor water station for kids at recess is an easy way to make sure they can catch a break from the heat and stay hydrated. 

  1. Sporting Events 

Canopy tents can come in clutch at any outdoor sporting event. They can be customized and set up for ticket sales, security, concessions, or just around the stadium to give people a place to escape the sun. 

  1. School Dance Entrances

Any school dance instantly feels a little fancier when there's a welcome tent to enter. A canopy tent can simplify pickup and drop-off since parents will know to go to the tent rather than drive around looking for their kids. 

  1. Anybody Can Use Them

The best part about E-Z UP canopy tents is that they are the perfect addition to any event or gathering. Whether in charge of a small elementary school or a large high school, you can still reap the same rewards from investing in custom tents. 

Experience the E-Z UP Difference 

There are plenty of companies offering custom tents for schools, but none of them can provide the E-Z UP Experience. 

The E-Z UP Experience includes free replacement parts on all products for a year, unlimited design proofs, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your order, we will do everything possible to make it right. 

To start designing your personalized school tent, browse our online selection to find a tent you like, and click "Customize" to make it your own. If you have any questions along the way, you can chat directly with one of our experts online or give us a call, and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

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